Papaya Artificial Sky

Accurate daylight simulations at the speed of light

Papaya is a family of powerful, fast and easy to use full dome artificial skies. They are able to reproduce any type of sky with dimmable custom LED luminaires. They are relocable systems. The doors with integrated luminaires complete the domes.

Direct observation
Inside diameter: 4.2m, outside diameter: 5.2m
Users and visitors can appreciate with their own eyes the light on the scale model
Full scale light intensity
Glare appreciation, feel the heat coming from lightest sky region
Collective experience
Evaluation of daylight design can be made collectively inside the sky dome
Any type of sky can be reproduced
Easy to use
A simple graphical user interface controls the sky and the accessories
Pattern of light can change in seconds or in real time (depends on the model version)
A large inner space that fits any laboratory
Inside diameter: 4.2m, outside diameter: 5.2m
High accuracy
Geometric tolerance 0.5degree
Automated calibration guarantees the accuracy in time of the lighting experiments
Accurate sky pattern reproduction
Standard Tregenza subdivision with coverage near 100%

Papaya artificial sky at work

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