Press Release June 1, 2014

Full Dome Artificial Sky installed at UAEU

Artificial Sky installed at UAEU

Podestà of Nitter announces with pride and satisfaction that: the making and the installation of world first full dome artificial completely lighted with LED sources.

The installation was led by Nitter in the Daylighting Laboratory at UAE University in Al Ain in the new campus in Al Jimi under the supervision of Professor Khaled Al Sallal, the director of the laboratory.

The full dome artificial sky is able to reproduce from an application based on Microsoft Excel any type of sky luminance distribution: the 15+1 ISO defined skies, statistical skies and measured skies.

The maximum calibrated illuminance level on the model is 20'000lx. The 151 custom luminaires are each powered with a 32bit micro controller unit with four thermometers and an integrated luxmeter. Light levels within a brightness range of 1:4000 can be controlled from any computer using a USB port.

When the door, carrying 18 lamps, is closed the dome is complete and the structural elements are not visible from inside. The subdivision of the dome is compatible with that defined by Professor Tregenza and adopted by the IDMP program of the CIE.

The artificial sky is completed with sensors and a robotic heliodon.

The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is the first and most state-of-the-art national university in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1976 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAEU aspires to become a leading, research institution and currently enrolls approximately 14,000 Emirati and international students. The University has established research centers of strategic importance that are advancing knowledge in critical areas ranging from the environmental sciences (e.g., water resources) to the medical sciences (e.g., cancer treatments).


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