Press Release August 1, 2017

Strategic alliance with Riposte for Malaysia

Beta nit and Riposte Alliance for Malaysia

Nitter - and Riposte SDN BHD have signed a commercial agreement to promote the distribution of simulators for education and research on Daylighting in Malaysia.

The experience of in the design and construction of natural light simulators such as artificial skies, heliodons, solar simulators and accessories, combines with the extensive knowledge of the Malaysian educational market of Riposte.

RIPOSTE was founded in early 2003 by Sheikh Ridza bin Sheikh Abdullah and Aisyah Yusrina Ooi Bte Abdullah. Originally, RIPOSTE was a book supplier to some private colleges and international schools. Vast experience of the directors and excellent customer service with modern technical support provides competitive edge to the business.

Thanks to RISPOSTE, Beta nit products are already accredited with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia for Government Procurement.

Ms. Aisyah of RIPOSTE said: Their client Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (KTAR/TARUC) is very happy with the supplied Heliodon from Nitter - We are working together for other projects in educational market and also in the research.

Mr. Podestà of Nitter - said: It is a great pleasure to work with RIPOSTE and with Ms. Aisyah, because the company is a very good company and Ms. Aisyah is passionate about her works and always available and supportive.


Phone: +39 0523 650217


Riposte SDN BHD
No. 9, Block 2, City Garden Commercial Centre Jalan Nirwana 38, 68000 Ampang Selangor Darul Ehsan
Phone: +6012 3355849


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