Press Release June 25, 2016

Orange Heliodon training day at LEMA in Hermosillo

Orange V Heliodon with accessories

During May 28, the training day on Orange Pro Heliodon (V version) was done by Nitter - CEO Giulio M. Podestà in the LEMA laboratory, inside the University of Sonora in the center of Hermosillo, Mexico.

The researchers and students were very interested in understanding the working principle of the device and its operation thru the graphical user interface.

The Director of LEMA, Dr. José Manuel Ochoa, requested a check of the accuracy and repeatability of the entire system: Orange Robotic Table, SS-Tungsten (solar simulator lamp), Nut luxmeter system and the graphical user interface. With the use of a solar watch designed and built in the LEMA laboratory, Dr. Ocha and its staff remain impressed by the accuracy of the shadow geometry, higher than the geometric tolerance of the solar watch itself.

During the training, Dr. Ochoa requested an integration to the graphical user interface: I desire to set the time of the simulation in solar time and not only in local time because it is universal and easier for designers. The interface was integrated with the new algorithm and supplied to the client some days ago, thru our digital portal reserved to our customer. Thanks to the interaction with the customer and their needs, it is possible to improve and make easier and more enjoyable the simulations.

About LEMA

The Laboratorio de Energía, Medio Ambiente y Arquitectura (LEMA) has the objective of integrating practical activities into the Curriculum of the Architecture Career. In this way the undergraduate students will be able to experiment with the repercussions of environmental factors on the process of architectural and urban design, both with physical models (study models) and with mathematical models, and virtual (computer simulation).

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