Press Release December 10, 2015

Orange Heliodon for the Mexican cross-University Laboratory

Our Orange Heliodon (version V) was selected by the Laboratorio de Energía, Medio Ambiente y Arquitectura (LEMA) of the University of Sonora, Mexico.

The Orange Heliodon will be the core of a laboratory inside LEMA available to several University and Research Center in Mexico. It will integrate the other tools available at the LEMA Lab in Hermosillo: manual heliodon, wind tunnel, thermo cameras, software tools, etc.

The Orange Heliodon will be provided with Nut luxmeter system and with the graphical user interface running on Windows 7 and greater.

We are very happy because after several years of messages between us and the directors of LEMA lab: Dr. José Manuel Ochoa and Dra. Irene Marincic, we are starting to work on a very interesting project for the evaluation of lighting and visual performance of buildings for the Mexican community. A community always interested in the investigation of the complex interplay of sun light, form and material. said Giulio M. Podestà, CEO of Nitter -

About LEMA

The Laboratorio de Energía, Medio Ambiente y Arquitectura (LEMA) has the objective of integrating practical activities into the Curriculum of the Architecture Career. In this way the undergraduate students will be able to experiment with the repercussions of environmental factors on the process of architectural and urban design, both with physical models (study models) and with mathematical models, and virtual (computer simulation).

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