Press Release November 18, 2014

Shipment of Large Area Collimated Solar Simulator

The first commercial available Large Area Collimated Solar Simulator is now available and is called Pomelo.

In the next few days, the first Solar Simulator will be shipped to Daylighting Laboratory of the UAEU in Al Ain. The director Professor Khaled Al Sallal plans to make research endeavors with agriculture department to study and evaluate innovative green facade.

The Solar Simulator is an invaluable tool for perception studies and weathering experiments. Typical applications are:

The evaluation of the performance of the device under test can be done with eyes (always) and camera (if it is a perception study), and with a lux meter in the front and one on the back of the system. In case of evaluation of color, it is useful to use a spectroradiometer.

Full-scale mock-up or scaled model (until the dimension is not under 10um) can be effectively evaluated.

The Pomelo Solar Simulator sports a HMI 4000W lamp, powered by a dimmable electronic power supply and a giant tertiary lens of 1m of diameter. The lens is fabricated by Nitter in-house with a special constructed robotic lapping machine.

Nitter - remains committed to the evaluation of the performance of physical model in laboratory for a cleaner and safer world.

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