Press Release July 5, 2010 presents the visual simulation tools to explore the urban changes at the Workshop of the Politecnico di Milano

Urban scale model of Milan, represented by the founder Giulio Podesta, on the invitation of the Scientific Commitee of the Urban Simulation Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano, shows the friendly use of the Bilberry Camera Holder Car at the international workshop Exploring urban change through visual and environmental simulations, June 17-18, 2010 Milano, Politecnico.

The Bilberry Camera Holder Car is a tool developed from the partnership between and the DiAP department (Politecnico di Milano), it allows to make assessment in real-time of the impact of urban transformations, in relation to the morphology of the urban fabric and the environmental quality of the public open spaces.

The Bilberry Car transports a micro video camera inside the scale model of Porta Nuova (Milan) and creates a video of a city walk in real-time, allowing the public to share and critique the architect's vision of proposed buildings and cities.

In the workshop, Mr. Podesta shows also a preview of the upcoming robotic imaging system called: Currant Gantry. The Currant Gantry is a robotically controlled gantry imaging system that makes possibile to walk inside the scale model at different speed and height from the floor with no difficult. Unlike tailor made gantry systems, the Currant Gantry does not require installation and training and is aggressively priced.

By October, the Currant Gantry will be available in different versions on our site and from our distributors.

With this partecipation, wants sustain the importance of the physical simulation on scale model to search and discover new things of the reality. is an Italian company established in 2004 for the design and production of custom optical instruments. We are one of the few company in the world specialized in simulation devices based on scale models. Our products aim to be simple to use, powerful and customizable. Our main products are: heliodons, artificial skies, video camera holders, laser measurement systems, networked digital light projectors.



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