Press Release June 25, 2010

Podestà, architectural point of view at the workshop: Italian Scientists of the Sunlight

Mr. Podestà, founder and CEO of, is invited by Mr. Cesare Silvi, president of GSES CONASES, Rome, to the workshop "Italian Scientists of the Sunlight" at the Fondazione Osservatorio Ximeniano, (Via Borgo San Lorenzo 26, Florence), in June 30th, 2010.

Invited participants:

They discuss about the sun light in the fields of:

The aim of the workshop is the organization of an event that discovers and remembers the Italian Scientists of the sun light in the last 200 years. The event celebrates the 150 years of the foundation of Italian Unity and it is planned for the 2011.

For the abstract of the proceedings please check the GSES website.


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