Press Release May 13, 2009

Beta Nit wins the IES Illumination Awards 2009

Beta Nit, has been awarded, for the lighting of the Church of St. John the Baptist of Tavazzano with Villavesco (LODI) to be included among the projects selected for the 2009 Merits awards. A selection among the Illuminating Awards 2009, organized by the IES Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, alongside such important and prestigious designers as Speirs and Major (GB), Licht Kunst Licht (D), George Sexton (USA), Fisher Marantz Stone (USA), Lighting Research Center (USA).

The company is currently active in the design, prototyping, implementation, and installation of products such as custom electro-optical-mechanical sensors with an ever-growing drive toward greater integration between cutting edge technology and pure creativity. Each new project represents an exciting opportunity to research and create interesting solutions not only from the technological point of view, which includes our scientific research faculty but also in the emotional aspect. To demonstrate how the company believes in its core business drives and the importance of innovation, the staff beta nit is highly responsive to new requests, certainly when compared to other industry leaders: a professional reality that exists not only local level but worldwide.

The realization of the lighting of the parish church of St. John the Baptist in Tavazzano with Villavesco is characterized by the great seamless planetary environment, designed in-house by Beta Nit. Created and patented to exact form and measure for this challenging and highly particular environment Which is for your business an opportunity for unique observation, shared with us, insofar as we take great pride in this particular project, not only for its complex technological challenges but also a pride taken from rewarding feedback of the faithful, who see the Church as an example of innovative and empathic lighting for the liturgical environment. The award for the 2009 illumination Award will be held at the Annual Conference of the IES, in Seattle (Washington) on 15 November.


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