Press Release March 1, 2008

New Permanent Architectural Digital Light Projection system at Light+Building 2008

Beta Nit, an Italian company active in optics and technological research, invites you to discover the new permanent architectural digital projection system at the booth K.09 booth, Hall 4.1 Fair Light + Building 2008, 6 to 11 April in Frankfurt.

The architectural projection system, called bigeye, can project, on non-flat surfaces, the natural sky in different historical periods, like a true planetarium.

At the booth will be present a portion of the system being implemented at the Church of Tavazzano with Villavesco (Lodi, Italy).

The system is characterized by ease of use, no maintenance (other than light bulbs change), all at a cost of construction and management extremely low compared to other solutions on the market. This was possible thanks to a novel approach that uses a distributed supercomputer that can enable different types of corrections in real-time, ie at a speed of 25 frames per second. The system is aimed at large surfaces, of more than 500sqm, with high contrast and high brightness, thus it is able to illuminate the space with the reflected light from the projections.

The system is designed to integrate into other building systems (home automation). The system also allows to project every type of movie, including high-resolution film (so-called standard 4k).

Beta Nit was founded in Lodi in 2004 and is characterized by multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary experience, it produces: measuring instruments for the lighting/energy sector.


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